Shivrajpur-Makanpur, Okhamadi, Island & BET Parikrma, Devbhumi-Dwarka

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Makanpur – Shivrajpur – Blue Beach

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SCUBA TRAINING Program – P2S (Pool to Sea) & D2S (Direct to Sea)

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Site for Water Sports, Adventure of Sea Diving and Nature Education is situated among soft dunes on the sea beach know as Blue Beach – Swarnim Dwarka.

Away from the mobile cell phone network and miles away from the city light deflections of electricity light in the sky, this area is serene that make you fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves under a canopy of stars, watching the rhythmic sweep of the light beam from distant lighthouse.
Many Beaches of the Gujarat Sea Coast are beautiful unexplored and undeveloped places.


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Contact : +91 9023306661


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GREEN SOLDIERS SCUBA Network: +91 9023306661 – WhatsApp If you have any questions or need any additional information about GREEN SOLDIER’S SCUBA DIVING AND WATER SPORTS at Makanpur – Shivrajpur Camp Site program please feel free to contact us at: KANUBHA MANEK : +91 9870007458 Site Location can be approached at: Makanpur-Shivrajpur Road, Devbhumi Dwarka Postal … Continue reading Contact Us

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